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NYC Psychologist
Center for SFT
SELF-Focused Therapy
Self-Empowerment Training

Recognized early on for her outstanding abilities in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Rita Haley, Founding President and Resident Psychologist of NYC Psychologist, combined her expertise in psychology with her real world experience as a political activist and leader (and the depth of understanding that came from the synthesis of these), to develop an integrated treatment, SFT SELF-Focused Therapy, that provides therapeutic advantage over other therapies. This treatment is available only at NYC Psychologist.

Empower Your SELF by Investing in You!
Dr. Haley and SFT will help you
Feel and do better sooner


NYC Health Psychologist
Center for Living with CFS/ME and FM

NYC Health Psychologist, sister organization to NYC Psychologist, enables Dr. Haley to focus on helping those who suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and/or Fibromyalgia to improve the quality of their lives by helping them to constructively adapt to the often profound limitations caused by these diseases.

Learn more here.

(Skype Sessions Available)


NYC Coach
Women's Empowerment Center

Life and Career Mentoring and Coaching help from an Expert Change Agent, an Outstanding Licensed Psychologist with Exceptional and Diverse Experience

With NYC Coach Dr. Rita Haley's expert and compassionate mentoring and coaching, You Will Transform Your Life and Your Self.

Learn more at NYC Coach

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