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Feeling depressed, anxious, lost, confused, unable to cope?
Want to Feel Better -- Sooner?

Having diffficulty achieving, even identifying your goals?
Unable to establish or maintain healthful fulfilling relationships?
Want to Do Better -- Sooner?

Whatever problems you're experiencing
Want to Change Your Self and Your Life -- Sooner?

You have come to the right place.

A warm, safe enviroment; An exceptional therapist
A treatment that is helps more than the others

Invest in Your Self with Dr. Haley and SFT
You will feel and do better -- sooner


Recognized for exceptional effectiveness as a psychotherapist and for outstanding abilities in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Rita Haley has been a Licensed Psychologist since 1987.

Combining her noteworthy expertise and experience in psychology with her real world experience as a women's rights leader and her wide-ranging abilities, knowledge, and skills, Dr. Haley conceived and developed SFT SELF-Focused Therapy, a demonstrated-effective integrated psychotherapy that provides the benefits of other treatments -- and more.

Find out more about Dr. Haley by reviewing her resume and her profile. Follow the links below to discover more about the psychology practice she established. Learn how essential it is for you to choose the right psychologist for you and read Dr. Haley's message to you. Peruse the sections about SFT to learn about the highly effective integrated psychotherapy she conceived and developed. Evaluate the efficacy of this treatment by perusing the accolades Dr. Haley, using SFT, has received. View some of the external resources she recommends to help you progress outside of sessions.


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Invest in Your Self with NYC Psychologist and SFT
You will feel and do better sooner


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