Dear Dr. Haley,

Thank you so much for your time and care during tha past 7 months. I am so grateful for your help and to have had the chance to know you.

I will certainly be in touch if ever I'm in need of help in the future.


Attestations to the efficacy of Dr. Haley and SFT



Working with Dr Haley changed my life.

Her Self Focused Therapy is exactly what its name implies; it required me to do the work necessary to find the confident, optimistic, and beautiful person I had been suppressing for so long.

Her approach is no-nonsense, but she always made me feel comfortable and supported in our sessions. Although I hated all the homework assignments she gave me at the time, I'm so grateful she pushed me to do so much work on my own because, through her suggestions, I created my own personal toolbox that I can access any time a stressful situation arises. There are many moments where I stop where I am think "What would Dr Haley say?", and it helps me take a moment and assess the situation with a bit more clarity.




Everything that Dr. Haley's SFT promises, she delivers.

When I started working with Dr. Haley, I was at an extremely low point in my life. I had difficulty going to work, maintaining my relationships, and motivating myself to do anything.

I have learned to love myself. It is an unbelievable feeling to have especially after spending much of my life catering to other people and consistently ignoring the things I needed to stay happy and healthy. Making my relationship with myself a priority was hard at first because I was raised thinking that being helpful, caring, and polite were the most important parts of my personality. Dr. Haley has given me the tools to challenge those assumptions and pay attention to the fact that I have a choice when it comes to everything I do and how I behave. Now instead of worrying what other people will think, I strive to honor my own truth.

After about a year and a half with her, I am moving on to pursue my dreams with confidence. Re-discovering my true self has been one of the toughest challenges to face, but undoubtedly the most worthwhile. I feel empowered and ready to take on the next chapter in my life.




When I started seeing Dr. Haley, I was trying to hold together a relationship that was already gone. When my partner asked a question, I didn’t even think of what I wanted to say, but rather tried to figure out what answer she wanted.

The relationship has ended. I no longer blame myself for the break-up. I’ve also protected myself by telling my former partner that she can no longer call me every day to “chat.” We now very rarely speak and I have let the break up and my partner go.

I am now doing more socializing which I would not have done had I not been seeing Dr. Haley. I would have stayed at home. I have even become interested in dating again and am looking into joining activity groups that are organized for lesbians.

I have become more self-protective. If something bothers me, I speak with the person involved or discuss it with a friend or family member. I am better about expressing caring feelings though I need to continue working on this.




Thank you for all your help over these last few weeks. Your input has helped me see my current challenges and mindset in a different, more enlightened way so that now my boyfriend and I are going to attend couple's counseling and work on our relationship together.




Dr. Haley - I think of our sessions often and feel they were the most meaningful of anything I have done in my life and have helped me a lot.

Through our work together I came to recognize that my panic attacks were triggered by my doing what I did not want to do, doing so just to please or not upset others. As I learned to focus more on who I really am rather than trying to be what I imagined others wanted, my anxiety lessened and the panic attacks became rare events, occurring only when I ignored what I had learned.

My relationships with my family have improved due in large part to my focusing on my needs and letting my family members take responsibility for fulfilling their needs. My longstanding unwarranted and unreasonable expectations of being abandoned by my spouse anytime we differ have almost disappeared. Our family is about to become larger: we are having a baby next month.

Work is going well and I am being transferred out of state. My life is changing and should I need to return to therapy again, I can only hope to find someone as helpful as you. Given my prior experience with other therapists, I know this will not be easy.




I began therapy with Dr Haley because I had just ended a relationship that became very destructive. I was confused, angry and definitely needed help. Upon talking to Dr Haley, it became very obvious that she could help me and I immediately started weekly sessions.

My self-esteem was destroyed in this relationship and it became obvious to me early on during our sessions that I had been putting myself last for most of my life. Not only did the therapy sessions with Dr Haley and the outside "homework" she assigned make me see how little I did for me, but my sessions with her helped me realize more about who I really was and what I really wanted. Dr Haley not only helped me to direct more of my time to my needs (rather than those of others), to work on strategies to better understand and communicate my needs, to set better limits with others and to address my anger issues, but she also enlightened me in basic areas such as accepting happiness for myself, one of several examples of loving myself that I had been reluctant to do in the past.

Dr Haley is a wonderful person and therapist. She is devoted to her patients and their personal growth. It's just too bad that I spent so many years as someone others wanted me to be, rather than being the beautiful person that I am. Specifically, I am a mindful, loving and now more assertive person than ever. An abusive, destructive relationship can never be part of my life in the future. Not only that, but because of what I have learned during therapy with Dr Haley, I have expanded significantly into many new areas of interest (i.e., taking much more time for myself), I have made and continue to make many new friends in the process and I am engaged in nurturing my spiritual need, an area of my life that I had neglected for many, many years.

The benefits I received from Dr Haley were highly effective in a short period of time. Working with her was definitely of much greater value than the costs. While her fees are not insubstantial,whether she is in your health insuraner's network or not, you get what you pay for. I got more: I feel good about myself and am being the person I really am. As they say in the tv ads: Priceless!

I recommend a meeting with Dr Haley, with no reservations. Give it a try and I believe you will find she is a great resource for you, your life, and your future happiness.




I began therapy because I have always felt that I am not good enough.

I am a perfectionist and created a kind of rule book for my life that no one could ever hope to follow, yet I have constantly berated myself for not doing so.

The word "should" has consistently run my life: I should act this way; I shouldn't feel this way; I should have done this or that; I should know better.

I refused to trust in myself because I was living the life my objectified self wanted to live.

My work with Dr. Haley has helped me begin to nurture my real self and I feel I've made great progress towards letting this part of me that I have been hiding away for so long finally emerge into a safe and loving environment. I have begun to treat myself as if I am the most important thing in my life (because I am!).

I have made significant changes in the ways I communicate to others and to myself. I have ended toxic relationships and have begun to nurture ones that I value and crave more from. I'm not afraid to assert myself and ask for what I need. I've learned that it's ok not to be perfect, although I'm still struggling with reminding myself each day. I've learned to look at situations for what they are, not let my anxiety take over and distort what is real.

I still have a lot of work to do, but I'm not afraid and I don't feel daunted by that; I feel like I'm finally allowing the real me to have a voice and every day her voice gets a little bit louder than that of my fearful self. I'm so happy that I chose to work with Dr. Haley because with her assistance I have gotten to know the real me, and she's pretty awesome.





I have been a patient of Dr. Haley for about a year now and I’m discovering a sense of self not defined by my relationship to others, but to myself. As a mother, I’m learning that I don’t have to sacrifice myself for my child, in fact, I will be a better mother by taking care of myself first. As a woman, I’m getting more comfortable telling people no and claiming my life and time for myself. I still get scared talking to my partner or boss at times, but I’m rediscovering strengths that enable me to handle confrontations. I am learning to excuse myself if conversing with someone and I become uncomfortable or just bored. An unheard of sense of calmness for me who has lived a life filled with anxiety. Culturally as women we are taught that our needs/wants/desires are to be sublimated to our partner/child/job. Dr. Haley’s approach to helping us discover our subjective selves is insightful, clear and necessary treatment for the modern woman.




You've been very insightful, a great listener and have really helped me be more forgiving of myself in this journey to get over a lost relationship. As much as I realize there is still progress to be made, the feelings of grief and helplessness and despair are gone in regards to the loss of him.

I want to continue my work on my own, but I know you are there to help me if I need you. Thanks.




Before I came to Dr. Haley, I felt dissatisfied and overwhelmed by life even though I was happily married and living the life I'd always wanted in the city of my dreams. Why did I feel so bad?

After just a few sessions, my insomnia, which had been plaguing me for months, disappeared and my spirits began to lift.

Dr. Haley, who is a thoughtful, warm, and caring person, gave me the tools I needed to diminish my self-critical thoughts and showed me how to treat myself with respect and kindness. Terribly shy at work and at parties, I learned techniques to ease my social anxiety, and the more we worked on changing my negative thoughts into positive ones, the easier it became to put myself out there.

All those social events that used to terrify me are now events I look forward to. My friends say they hardly recognize me, which I take as a compliment. Now I wear a big smile every day!

Thanks, Dr. Haley!




Dr. Haley is a compassionate and thoughtful practitioner. Through our work together, I have learned so much about myself and how to respect and love the person I am. I have gained so much confidence with her help.

The depression and anxiety I previously suffered has been alleviated to a great extent. The strategies that I have developed the past few months will always stay with me and help me through difficult times.

I am forever indebted to her for her knowledge and care.




Dr. Haley came into my life at the perfect time - when I was ready to make a change; A change in my behavior, my relationships, my attitude and my perception of self. 

I have gained a stronger sense of self and I have released the empowered woman I have always been but didn't recognize.  My confidence has improved, along with my self-esteem.  I listen to myself now, and I have learned to respect myself, my feelings and my ideas. I put me first.  I have become a more assertive individual, with less anxieties about speaking up and saying no without feeling guilty or pressure to please others. 

Dr. Haley made me feel comfortable and free from day one.  Because she has so much experience within and outside of the world of Psychology, she understands many of life's troubles, whether they be work related, school related or personal.  I hope to continue my sessions with Dr. Haley for as long as I can; she is someone you can trust, someone who will listen, and someone whose opinion you find yourself always wanting.




My work with Dr. Haley over the last year and a half has changed the way I live for the better. Her guidance is kind, direct and concrete---through my weekly sessions with her, I have noticeably increased confidence and assertiveness; she has helped me confront issues that have hindered me for many years, particularly in dealing with depression, addiction and low self-esteem.

Ultimately, through this work, I have made major strides in learning how to love and take care of myself.




Journaling created a way for me to really understand myself and areas of my life that caused me worry.  Dr. Haley’s logical approach within discussing my entries helped to find solutions that carried the productive sessions over into the rest of my week. 

Writing, reading, and other “homework” reminded me to be kind to myself, let go of guilt & stress, & live a more positive life.




Dr. Haley helped me identify the source of my anxiety and offered me help, training and resources to overcome it with assertive behaviors. I have noticed significant improvement in many aspects of my life since I started treatment and believe that the techniques I learned will help me live a happier life.

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