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By Dr. Haley

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SFT SELF-Focused Therapy


By Others


Smith, Manuel J. When I say no, I feel guilty. Bantam Books, 1975.

Fensterheim, Herbert & Baer, Jean. Don't say yes when you want to say no. Bantam Books, 1975.

Decision Making

Johnson, Spencer. Yes or no: The guide to better decisions. HarperCollins Publishers, Inc., 1992.


Brooks, Robert & Goldstein, Sam.. The power of resilience:Achieving balance, confidence, and personal strength in your life. McGraw-Hill, 2004.


Fine, Debra. The fine art of small talk: How to start a conversation, keep it going, build networking skills --- and leave a positive impression. Hyperion, 2005.

Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

Williamson, Miryam Ehrlich. The fibromyalgia relief book: 213 ideas for improving Your Quality of Life. Hyperion, 2005. (The suggestions in this book should help anyone limited by pain or fatigue.)


Other Resources

  Health Coaching and Fitness

AG Core Health: Health Coach Ashleigh Gurtler will help you understand the relationship between your food and lifestyle choices and your health and energy. She will develop an individualized program for you and help you adhere to it so that you become healthier and more energized. As a Pilates Instructor and dancer, Ashleigh is particularly aware of the challenges women face concerning food and body image; her goal is to create a program specific to helping you reach your full physical potential.

As we create and uncover additional resources to help you, we'll update this website. So please come back soon. And, ... thanks for visiting.

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